Who Is Veronica’s Husband In ‘Riverdale’? Season 5 Introduces Chad Gekko

For years, Riverdale fans have debated whether Veronica or Betty should end up with Archie. And while Varchie has been going strong for most of the show’s run, that will clearly change after Season 5’s time jump, when Ronnie is apparently not just with, but married to someone other than Archie. So, who is Veronica’s husband, Chad Gekko, in Riverdale? He doesn’t sound like such a great guy.

As most fans know, after spending the first three episodes wrapping up Season 4 storylines that were cut short when the coronavirus pandemic halted filming, Riverdale Season 5 will skip seven years into the future and follow the characters as adults.

Veronica has clearly moved on from her high school relationships, since Entertainment Weekly reported that Pretty Little Liars actor Chris Mason will play her hubby, Chad Gekko, starting in Season 5, Episode 4. However, it seems like there’s serious trouble in paradise for the couple. Chad is described as an "Alpha Dog Wall Street bro who’s very controlling and jealous." The character description also notes that he feels especially threatened by Veronica’s friendship with Archie and her life in Riverdale.

Based on sneak preview footage that showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa shared on Instagram, it seems like the Core Four will return to Riverdale High School as teachers. It’s convenient for the purpose of keeping these characters together, but still living in her high school small town just doesn’t quite make sense for wealthy, ambitious socialite Veronica.

However, the addition of Chad paints a fuller picture of what her life as a 25-year-old looks like. Since he’s a Wall Street guy, it’s safe to assume they’ve been living in NYC together before she headed back to Riverdale. Could she have been called back home to deal with, I don’t know, another organ-harvesting cult or diabolical Hiram Lodge scheme?


Season 5 is bound to open with some drama between Ronnie and Archie anyway. The first trailer for the season showed her tearfully saying, "Something happened between Betty and Archie," obviously referencing her best friend and boyfriend’s make-out session toward the end of Season 4. The news could make her distance herself from her friends, but as fans now know, you can’t keep Veronica away from Riverdale for long.

Riverdale Season 5 will premiere on The CW on Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021.

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