Why Khloé Kardashian’s Birthday Party For True Has The Internet Seeing Red

For 14 years the Kardashian family has entertained audiences with their adventures, romances, and personal drama on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. And while the show is nearing the end of its final season, that doesn’t mean the Kardashian/Jenner sisters will be vanishing into the woodwork. Their social media presence and branded merch all but guarantee that the clan will be in the public eye for quite some time. And their tradition of pulling out all the stops for family parties guarantee that they’ll get criticized for it.

Khloé Kardashian’s daughter, True, just celebrated her third birthday. In characteristic Kardashian style, Khloé threw her a party fit for a princess, complete with a bouncy house and over-the-top decorations. Posting photos from the big day on her Instagram account, the proud mom wrote a sweet tribute to her daughter. “No matter what age you are, You will always be my Baby True,” she said, adding that True prefers to be called a big girl. “You have changed my life in more ways than I ever could have dreamed of. You are my best friend. My greatest blessing. My entire world. Watching you grow up has been one of my greatest honors….God, thank you for blessing me with my angel. Happy birthday, my baby True.”

While many fans gushed over the cute pictures and sent their good wishes to the birthday girl, other followers weren’t so thrilled by what they saw in the images.

Critics said True's birthday party decorations were an environmental disaster

Khloé Kardashian’s pictures included several shots of a bedroom literally packed with balloons in various shades of pink, white, and gray, including a large outline of the number “3” filled with small balloons. True’s adorable grin revealed her joy at the magical atmosphere, but not everyone found the sight so thrilling.

“Those balloons probably cost more than I make in a paycheck,” said one follower. “Kinda makes me sick to my stomach.” In response, another user commented, “Imagine if they instead showed their kids how much good they could do for others with that amount of money.” Another follower, meanwhile, noted the effect the balloons would have after the party is long forgotten. “The amount of waste generated from these balloons hurts my soul,” she said. And another commenter agreed: “By the time she’s 30, there won’t be a planet left for her to live on.” Even though the balloons were reportedly biodegradable, some pointed out that even “earth-friendly” balloons can still take years to decompose. Deflated balloons of all types can be ingested by animals, with disastrous results (via Balloons Blow).

This balloon-overload debate is a familiar one for the Kardashian sisters. Khloé spent an estimated $8,500 for the lavish balloon display at True’s first birthday party (via People), and Kylie Jenner caught similar flak for using tons of balloons at daughter Stormi’s second birthday bash (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet). Knowing their love for extravagance, though, it’s not likely they’ll cut back for future events.

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