You know how, when you’re a kid, you just take the biggest swings like it’s nothing? Well, in a particularly impressive display of kid courage/blind optimism, one young royal fan recently sent Prince George an invitation to her sixth birthday (the theme of which was, presumably, moxie), because, well, she wanted him to come and kids are amazing.

Just to spoil the sad part of the story and get it out of the way, George was not able to make it to the amazing young fan’s b-day bash, but his parents (you know, Prince William and Kate Middleton) did send her a note for her trouble (which, as her mom reportedly pointed when she shared it on Twitter, will always be “something amazing for her to keep”).

According to The Sun, Will and Kate’s note (which was technically written by a member of the Cambridges’ staff, but STILL) to the young fan read:

Even though George missed the party and the “no” RSVP was a little belated, everything about this is still very cool and almost definitely the best birthday gift this girl got this year. Also, clearly, the moral of this story is to live life with the confidence of a six-year-old who casually invites royalty to her birthday.

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