YK Osiris Accused of Stealing $20K Watch After Agreement with Jeweler

YK Osiris has a lot of explaining to do … says celeb jeweler Seth Grossman, who claims the singer never paid him for a $20,000 Audemars Piguet watch he agreed to buy YEARS ago.

Seth tells TMZ Hip Hop, he first came into contact with YK through Sean Kingston, one of his longtime clients and associates. They met up in early 2020 before the COVID-19 shutdowns, and Seth claims YK convinced him to sell the AP he was wearing … which you see YK try on, and happily flaunt, in the video above. Bling, bling baby!!!

yk osiris watch reciept

Seth says he wasn’t up on YK’s music at the time but checked his YouTube and confirmed he was a legit star, and proceeded to fire off an invoice for the timepiece.

Audemars Piguet Watch

According to Seth, YK took all of his info so his accountant could wire the $20K … but that wire transfer was essentially a pipe dream because Seth claims he’s yet to see a dime!!!

At first, Seth claims YK was responsive with excuses … but then the runaround began, with multiple phone number changes.

Seth says the times he was able to confront YK, the “Worth It” singer threw Sean under the bus with false claims that he’d returned the watch back to Sean.

In another instance, he claims YK blamed his own father for stealing all his jewelry as payment for managing his son.

Seth, founder of Essential Watches, is still pondering taking legal action against YK, but would rather pour his time and energy into running his Bev Hills boutique, 90210 Watches.

We’ve reached out to YK multiple times for his side of the story. No word back yet, but apparently, he’s got enough dough to have recently scooped a new gold grill — which has gotta rub Seth the wrong way.

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