Young Israeli Mother Breaks Down on Air As She Learns Her Husband Is Dead

An Israeli mother, who managed to flee Hamas terrorists with her newborn daughter, burst into tears and wailed as she found out — in the middle of an interview — her husband didn’t make it out alive.

Shaylee Atary was talking with Sky News about her terrifying escape, saying Hamas aggressors broke into their family’s Kfar Aza home Saturday after hearing bombs falling while getting ready to feed her baby.

Shaylee Atary

She says she took their child and bolted out of the building, hiding for 27 hours before they were found and rescued … but her husband, Yahav Winner, didn’t make it out with her.

Shaylee was holding out hope Yahav had also survived, but the interview took an incredibly grim turn when — as the camera was rolling — her family got the horrifying call that he was dead.

Shaylee & Yahav instagram

Instantly, Shaylee broke down in tears, surrounded by family members as they began mourning their loss.

Reportedly, more than 2,200 people have been killed on both sides of the conflict — more than a thousand by the initial terrorist attack launched by Hamas on Saturday. Since then another 8,000 have been injured.

The violence and destruction is only intensifying … as Israel’s military says a hostile aircraft entered its airspace Wednesday, and citizens are scrambling for shelter.

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