YouTube Star Colleen Ballinger Accused Of Bullying And MORE Inappropriate Behavior With Underage Fans

Colleen Ballinger is coming under fire… yet AGAIN.

The YouTube star, who grew super famous for her alter ego Miranda Sings, is now getting dragged by former fans for allegedly grooming young viewers, encouraging bullying, and asking female followers about their periods — among other things!

If some of this sounds familiar, there’s a reason for that. This controversy actually dates back to 2020 when Irish teen Adam McIntyre, who used to be a former megafan, released a scathing video on YouTube making serious allegations against the content creator — with receipts.

Among the accusations, he claimed Colleen struck up an inappropriate and toxic friendship with him in 2016 when he was just 13 and she was in her 30s (and he insists she was well aware of his young age). Apparently, after wearing a bra and underwear during a livestream, Colleen sent it to the teenager, which totally freaked out his parents. About a year later, Adam claims Colleen asked him to help out with her Miranda Twitter account, where he would ghostwrite for her.

The former stan claims he tweeted for her for over a year — going so far as to keep up with her analytics, too — with the hope he’d get to come to America and become one of her interns. But then he posted two jokey “coming out” tweets where Miranda came out as a Meghan Trainor fan. Her fans did NOT like it at all and slammed the YouTuber for queerbaiting. Due to the backlash, Adam argued Colleen immediately ghosted him, ending their friendship.

At the time of these allegations, Colleen released a lengthy video apologizing for her wrongdoings — which also included allegations of racism and fat-shaming. In the candid video, she claimed Adam only had access to her Twitter account for one day, and that she removed him once things went poorly with the previously mentioned tweets. Because of this apology video, the backlash died down quickly with most siding with Colleen. Now, though? Everything’s changing.

On Wednesday, Adam, now in his 20s, returned to the video-sharing platform with a nearly 2-hour video exposing even more secrets about his problematic relationship with the 36-year-old. In screenshots from an alleged group chat both Adam and Colleen were a part of (as well as many others), he claimed Colleen asked him for an “ass” photo, asked female fans to describe their first periods, and made fun of a fan who got a tattoo in her honor. Damn! She allegedly also asked Adam when he lost his virginity (and other inappropriate questions like what his “favorite sexual position” was), commented on fans’ appearances, and encouraged bullying.


He added elsewhere:

“For anyone who’s a fan of Colleen Ballinger… they make fun of you , they make fun of your appearance, they make fun of things you do, and I know because I was also with them doing it except one group of us were in our 30s, one group of us had not even hit the ripe age of 15 yet.”

In one disturbing interaction between the fan and celeb, Adam recalled a time the comedian allegedly invited him to visit her in Dublin — but she ultimately left him alone after allegedly giving him incorrect directions. The young man claims she was annoyed when she found out his parents would be accompanying him during the visit. Just 14 at the time, he reflected:

“I felt abandoned in a city I did not know.”

He went on to claim the actress would love bomb him to make him feel special, such as praising and encouraging him to run her aforementioned social media accounts without pay or credit. And there’s WAY more where this came from. You can hear ALL the allegations with the so-called proof (below):

Whoa. That’s a lot.

In light of this video, many other fans are also coming out about their own alleged experiences with the star and many videos have resurfaced online featuring sketchy behavior on Colleen’s part while interacting with young followers. So far, the performer has not addressed the latest claims or the resurgence of backlash she has received. Thoughts? Let us know (below)!

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