Zoe Balls son Woody cringes on Celeb Gogglebox after she found used condom in his room

Woody Cook was left hiding behind a pillow after his mum Zoey Ball embarrassed him on television by talking about his used condoms.

Woody, 22, who Zoe shares with her ex-husband, Fatboy Slim, appeared on the latest episode of Celebrity Gogglebox with his doting mum.

But he was soon cringing after he was made to watch a segment from Steph’s Packed Lunch with his presenter mum, all about how many men are unknowingly wearing condoms that were 'too small' for their manhood.

And the subject matter sparked a rather graphic memory for Zoe, 52, as she recalled the moment she found her son’s first used condom.

Red-faced Woody was left cringing as Zoe revealed, "I remember when I found the first condom in your bin and thinking, 'He's a man.'"

And there were even more hilarious moments on the episode as celebrities reacted to presenter Steph McGovern describing how men can correctly measure their manhood using some seemingly complex math equations.

Happy Mondays' Shaun Ryder, 60, had fans in stitches as he blurted out, "You’ll need an A level to get a pack of condoms."

Viewers were quick to label it the 'reaction of the night,' with one person saying, "And the prize for the most 80's comment tonight goes to Shaun Ryder:

'You need an A Level to buy a packet of Jonnie’s.'"

Another added, "Got to love Shaun Ryder. Says it exactly as it is! #Alevel"

Meanwhile, it was an equally awkward night for Capital FM host Roman Kemp, 30, who had to sit through the uncomfortable segment with his famous dad, actor Martin Kemp, 61.

The presenter was quick to crack a naughty joke, saying, "So I've got my k*** out and I'm supposed to have a measuring tape?"

Meanwhile, not all viewers of the show were happy, as some complained about the 'lack of screen time' for fan favourites N-Dubz.

The RnB trio, made up of cousins Dappy and Tulisa Contostavlos, and pal Fazer, were also invited as couch critics, but fans were shocked to see them only appear in two very short clips.

In one of the segments they did take part in, the band members watched the Netflix show 'Is It Cake?' as they had to guess what was a real object and what was, in fact, an edible treat.

The celebs were all shown a living room set up with three items, with the presenter revealing that the footstool in the room was actually made of baked goods.

An animated Tulisa reacted, saying, "Yes! Mate, that was the first thing I said!"

"That was the first thing you said," agreed Fazer, real name Richard Rawson.

And fans were left wishing they could see more of the trio, with one person expressing, "Guys, honestly, where are N-Dubz in this episode?"

Another viewer fumed, "11-12 minutes left and N-Dubz have spoken for 0.2 seconds the whole episode, not enough airtime."

While a third agreed, saying, "Not enough of them so far! Only two clips!" @GeorgieLondon7 said, "Okay, N-Dubz have barely said ANYTHING!

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