Eamonn Holmes says Dr Zoe's hair is like an alpaca

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During a segment on This Morning in August, Eamonn Holmes likened Dr Zoe Williams’ hair to an alpaca, which caused uproar on social media. The 61-year-old host later apologised on Twitter for causing any offence after receiving backlash and she accepted his apology. 

The doctor later addressed his comments in a lengthy Instagram post, explaining why such a comment was deemed offensive.

In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, the 41-year-old This Morning regular said the discussion needed to be had.

She said: “It’s in the past. I think it was difficult.

“On one hand, I knew personally that Eamonn’s intentions were innocent but it did raise a conversation beyond Eamonn, a conversation that needed to be had.

“My response to that was pretty lengthy, because I felt that I had to give it a lot of thought and just be honest.

“When it comes to those situations, it wasn’t very nice, the way I’ve always dealt with those situations is whatever you’re feeling, if you can be honest and put it down on paper and it’s truthful, then that’s OK with me.

“I think we’re past that, we’re beyond it now.”

Zoe added of her post educating others: “We live in a world now where it’s constantly changing, rules are constantly changing, I think nowadays, taking it away from the race thing, it’s just not really the done thing to comment on somebody’s appearance in public, certainly.”

The mother-of-one added that she and Eamonn were all good and that the team were “like one big family” who helped each other out behind-the-scenes.

“That’s the good thing about This Morning, everyone’s an expert in something, whether it’s pet advice or cleaning advice or medical advice, there’s always somebody to turn to,” she continued.

In an interview last month, the presenter said he feared losing his job due to cancel culture.

He claimed that live TV shows were “a ­dangerous place” where people could get sacked for saying the wrong thing.

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Eamonn spilled: “It’s a minefield, it’s a total worry all the time.

“I don’t wake up in the morning and say, ‘I’m going to say something ­offensive to somebody’.”

The broadcaster said he knew he was a “tolerant, caring and open-minded person” but this didn’t stop him from saying that something is wrong or right, or having a joke.

“But there are people who wake up wanting to be offended and they literally want you sacked,” he added to the Daily Star.

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She said: “If you ever think you spot something that might be a sign of cancer, or you notice a lump or change in your breasts, make an appointment, see your GP, and be examined.

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