IT'S important to check out the best value drinking glasses available to make sure you have the right glass for the right occasion.

After all, wine drunk from a beer glass or champers from a whiskey glass just isn’t quite the same.

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Whatever your favourite tipple, we’re here to help.

We’ve got the best glasses out there, all at amazing prices, from high-ball designs to champagne flutes, wine glasses to curvy numbers for your beer.

Many of these glasses have been designed in order to achieve a particular effect from the drinks it’s for, too.

For example, red wine glasses will have a larger bowl to pick up on the aroma and let the wine breath.

While the bulbous body and flared lip of a tulip glass is ideal for Belgian beers in order to capture the head and enhance the aroma.

Before you buy, have a think about whether you’d like to have all your glasses matching and whether what you’re buying needs to go with your existing glasses.

Maybe you just want some extras for dinner parties, a couple of ‘special’ glasses to toast occasions or even some to send as a gift?

And then there’s the weight – do you want something chunky and sturdy, or delicate and lightweight?

Are you looking for a design with or without a stem, and coloured or clear?

To get you started, we’ve found six of the best cheap drinking glasses out there right now, so you’ve got the perfect excuse to crack open a new bottle.

1. Chunky Bubble large glasses

  • Chunky Bubble large glasses, £11.99 for a set of four, Argos – buy here

Whether it’s a refreshing G&T or an extra-large glass of wine, make these chunky glasses your go-to drinkware.

The solid base and bubble stem make them nice and sturdy and give them a modern feel.

They’re dishwasher safe and come in a pack of four at a price that you won’t be able to resist.

2. Kallna green glasses

  • Kallna green glasses, £3.25 for a set of six, Ikea – buy here

We can’t quite believe how cheap these glasses are, coming in at under £4 for six and costing less than 60p each!

So, what do we love about them, besides the price?

Well, firstly, there’s the retro appearance to the glasses, which reminds us of designs found in traditional American soda shops, with the green tint and ribbed detailing.

We also like that, because the glasses are made from tempered glass, you can use them for hot drinks as well as cold.

They aren’t the tallest but they make a great water glass and at that price you really can’t go wrong.

3. Copper Fade-effect champagne glasses

  • Copper Fade-effect champagne glasses, £12 for a set of four, George Home – buy here

Champagne calls for glasses with that extra bit of dazzle to them and these flutes have that in spades.

The copper fade-effect design will add a touch of luxe to any table and makes the perfect holder for those bubbles.

Although they aren’t dishwasher safe, we think you’ll agree that the extra washing-up will be worth it in order to drink in such style.

4. Belgian beer glass set

  • Belgian beer glass set, £5 for two, Matalan – buy here

Good beer glasses can be hard to find, but this set has glasses that are just the right size and don’t cost a bomb either.

The tall, thin shape (known as a ‘tulip’ glass) will show off the light colour and the carbonation, while the curvy design makes it easy to swirl your beer and smell the aroma.

5. Lustre Assorted wine glasses

  • Lustre Assorted wine glasses, £20 for a set of four, Dunelm – buy here

We’d be hard pressed to choose a favourite colour wine glass from this little lot, but that’s okay as they come as a set.

Crafted from high-quality fine-blown crystal, these Lustre designs are named as they have just that: a lovely lustrous finish.

They aren’t dishwasher safe but we’ll let them off as they do feature a more-than-generous 565ml capacity for wine!

6. Embossed High-Ball glasses

  • Embossed High-Ball glasses, £16 for a set of four, Next – buy here

When it comes to glasses you can’t get much more of a staple than your regular high-ball design, which covers a multitude of bases, from long cocktails to soft drinks and everything in between.

We love the embossed design on these ones from Next and since you get four for well under £20, we’re happy to point you in their direction.

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