Summer is finally on its way, and we want our homes to have the same beachy, laid-back vibes the warmer temps are giving us. According to one TV designer, the best way to do this is by embracing outdoor space. Shop With Us talked to Kahi Lee, new designer on the reboot of classic design show Trading Spaces, about the best way to summer-ize your house to keep up with the warmer weather.

“I approach it like how people decorate for the holidays,” Lee says. In the same way people break out decorations for Halloween or Thanksgiving, you can add a few summery pieces as the weather warms up to refresh your home for the summer seasons. As a resident of California, Lee gets to enjoy warm weather pretty much all year long, but if you happen to live in a place with harsher weather, there’s no reason you can’t take full advantage of outdoor spaces, especially in summer.

Scroll down to take a look at Lee’s summer decorating tips.

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