Andrea Bocelli sings Hallelujah with his daughter

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Andrea Bocelli fans have already been spoiled this year. The Italian legend streamed a series of special shows during lockdown and was one of the first music stars to get back on the road once the world started to reopen with his current world tour. And now he has announced a special treat for the festive season with last year’s beautiful concert from the Teatro Regio di Parma being broadcast for three days after it premieres on December 10.

When can you watch Andrea Bocelli: Believe In Christmas – Encore?

Fans can stream the premieres of Andrea Bocelli: Believe In Christmas – Encore at any of the following times on Friday, December 10, with tickets to all premieres available for purchase by fans anywhere in the world as follows:

East Coast USA & Canada at 8pm EST. West Coast USA, Canada at 8pm PST.

UK, Ireland & Europe at 8pm GMT, 9pm CET. Australia, New Zealand & Asia at 8pm AEDT, 10pm NZDT, 6pm JST.

After that fans can stream on demand for 48 hours from December 11. 

How can you stream Andrea Bocelli: Believe In Christmas – Encore?

Fans can stream the premiere from Friday, December 10 HERE or watch On Demand from Saturday, December 11

Tickets cost £15 in the UK, $20 in the US. Fans can also choose to make a voluntary donation to the Andrea Bocelli Foundation which has raised over 36million Euros since 2011 to help and empower communities in situations of poverty, illiteracy, distress due to illness and social exclusion 


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The concert was broadcast last December and caused a worldwide sensation when Andrea’s eight-year-old daughter Virginia took to the stage.

The talented little girl, who was eight at the time, performed such a beautiful duet on Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah that it has now become a staple of her father’s concerts. Throughout the current US leg of Andrea’s tour, the pair have delighted audiences recreating that sensational moment.

The Christmas concert last year also featured guest appearances by Zucchero Fornaciari, Cecilia Bartoli and Clara Barbier Serrano.

Announcing the news, Andrea says: “It was a moment of pure enchantment, for me and my family: a Christmas wonderland blooming and enshrined within one of the most beautiful opera houses in the world.

It was a tender debut for my daughter Virginia and a show in which we symbolically took the hand of the world to finally turn the page, bolstered by the magic of the spirit of Christmas, thanks to music that rose to prayer, dispensing smiles and positive energy.

“December and the loveliest time of the year are back, and I am particularly happy that Believe in Christmas is being streamed again: it will be nice to hold hands again and – with music – exchange a wish that can go beyond words and reach the hearts of each of you, as is my hope.”

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