Matt Fiddes spent a lot of time in the company of Michael Jackson, working as the singer's personal bodyguard for several years before his death.

Following the news that Britney Spears' father, Jamie Spears, is no longer her conservator, Matt exclusively opened up to Daily Star about the Britney not many people get to see.

The 42-year-old spent time with Britney who became a friend of his and Michael during his time working for the Beat It singer, however, he expressed his sorrow after hearing her address a Los Angeles courtroom in June.

Speaking about the pop princess for the first time, Matt told us it "could've been years" before the court acknowledged Jamie's resignation.

He told us: "I feel she is trapped like Michael Jackson was, I see so many parallels and likenesses to them.

"Michael Jackson was a victim of the Hollywood elite doctors, and so is Britney, when the 'Dr feel-goods of Hollywood' get their crawls into you, from my experience working with superstars and high network business people, it is a one-way street.

"She is a really lovely person with a good heart."

The personal safety expert and martial arts entrepreneur went on to say: "I spent time with Britney at the height of her fame because she was close to MJ.

"She did a duet with Michael 20 years ago at Madison Square Gardens in 2001 and was very much in control of her life.

"Britney just showed normal emotions I would see in performers before they take such a big stage, she was savvy and switched on back then and even suggesting ideas to Michael."

In a heartbreaking admission, Matt explained: "The person I heard at the June hearing sounded a shell of her former self.

"She sounded confused and appeared highly medicated, in my opinion."

He claimed: "That may be because someone was in the background listening to her and rushing to get her words out before the phone was torn from her."

During the court hearing, Britney revealed that she had been put on several prescription drugs by those around her, a claim that startled Fiddes.

"I worry what concoction of drugs she is really on, I don't blame her not wanting to perform anymore like her residence in Las Vegas she had, that will take its toll on you," he explained.

However, now that Britney is one step closer to freedom, he couldn't be happier after Britney announced her engagement to Sam Asghari.

He happily beamed: "I am really pleased to see Britney getting married and settling down, I know Sam gets a lot of stick but I think they are really suited.

"He seems to be a good influence on her and very protective, maybe after all of the drama, her marriage might finally be her get out of jail free card."

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