Danniella Westbrook shares final surgery to fix ‘contorted’ face and speech’

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    Danniella Westbrook has revealed the ins and out of what her final facial surgery will entail.

    The ex-EastEnders icon will be jetting abroad this week to undergo the end stage of her reconstruction surgery.

    The star, 49, exclusively told us: "I'm off next week to have my surgery next Thursday abroad – for my last operation.

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    "It's to straighten this, and bring this forward," she said as she pointed to her face.

    "I'll be back to talking normally again and my face won't be all contorted and I can't wait," she added.

    Danniella, who turns 50 later this year, was left with a collapsed jaw and cheekbone following a well-publicised battle with cocaine addiction.

    Her struggles began in the 1990s and spanned several years.

    The actress also suffered the complete erosion of her nasal septum as a result of the drug abuse.

    Danniella also revealed exclusively to us that she is back on with her toyboy jailbird lover.

    The Samantha Mitchell star announced that she is engaged again to David, 28, having split last year.

    During a Facebook Live chat, she revealed she had just come back from visiting her boyfriend in prison.

    Danniella said: "David, nobody knows his last name, but I do obviously. I met him in Marbella years ago, we've been together on and off over the past six years.

    "Everything is really good he will be home at the end of the year probably just before my birthday in November. I can't wait to have him back home."

    Danniella then showed off her engagement 'ring' that he gave to her during her jail visit.

    She added: "We are definitely getting married still – I think we are going to do something a lot quieter here and there and go away just us."

    "In fact, he gave me a Haribo ring today – we were eating Haribos on the visit today and he gave me a Haribo ring.

    "He put his thumbprint on a love heart too, so I brought them both home."

    She previously mentioned that she would also love to start a family with David upon his return and would consider adopting.

    The actress confessed: "David eventually would have liked to have children, but I can't have any more children.

    "When I went to see him in jail I was like 'do you know what, all these Ukrainian babies, they've got all these thousands of Ukrainian babies that can't be adopted.

    "And I was like 'maybe we should adopt a baby', and he was like 'maybe we should'."


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