EastEnders star Tamzin Outhwaite left fans frantic as she announced that her boyfriend had been rushed to hospital to undergo an urgent surgery after suffering "stomach pains".

Tamzin’s bloke Tom Child, 30, was taken to hospital on Saturday night and received the news that he would have to have his appendix taken out.

Tamzin, 51, took to Twitter to update her fans on the news, leaving plenty concerned for Tom’s health as they showered him in get well soon messages.

But luckily it seems like he is in good spirits – and has even been making the hospital staff giggle.

Tamzin tweeted in explanation: “Good morning all… my bloke went to A and E with stomach pains and ended up in theatre having his appendix out.

"If you fancy a laugh go to his Insta @tc_childie. He has never had an op or morphine. He has apparently been cracking up the doctors #MorphineVirgin."

In video clips posted to his Instagram page, Tom could be heard asking a nearby medical professional if he could have more morphine, groaning as he said: "But it hurts so much, Mandy. Just a little bit more morphine would go down superbly well!"

He compared the drug to "cheese and wine" at the end of a good meal – and wouldn’t stop repeating his request.

Posting the clip on social media, Tom wrote: "Lovely people! Beautiful people!"

And Tamzin couldn’t help but comment on her partner’s post, telling him: "Hahaha! Don’t come home a morphine addict baby! #Mandy."

In another video, Tom could be heard rambling to another member of staff – telling him that his name was "beautiful".

"Beautiful name for a beautiful person," he mumbled. "I’ll tell you what would make you even more of a beautiful person, if you could slip me a bit more of that morphine."

A giggling Tamzin commented: "Oh baby… I love the fact the doc says ‘You’ve made my day… I haven’t laughed all day. Sooo funny.

"The doc ‘You need to be doing stand-up comedy!’" she added.

Despite the upbeat mood, Tamzin’s fans were quick to share their concern on social media, with one writing: "My sister has just recovered after having her appendix whipped out, look after him Tamzin!"

"Make sure you have plenty of paracetamol in the house!" someone else warned, as another fan posted: "I hope he gets well soon!"

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