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Star Wars fans can step inside a real life Cantina bar, after fans built a replica of the iconic location from the film series, which has since been visited by famous faces including stars of Stranger Things and WWE.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Monopoly Events founder Andy Cleek talked about the world famous Cantina Bar, the famous faces who have visited and how fans experience the venue for themselves.

The Cantina Space Bar in Manchester was built by Monopoly Events at Bowlers Exhibition Centre back in 2015 for their independent Star Wars fan event For The Love Of The Force, after the team behind it were granted permission by Lucasfilm.

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"We built the Cantina Bar in 2015, as we did the world's biggest independent Star Wars convention called For The Love Of The Force," said Andy. "We got permission off Lucasfilm to actually build it. It's all signed off.

"We built it for that event, but over the years we have improved it and it has turned into a work of art."

The Cantina, which was first introduced in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, has been recreated in perfect detail – from the wooden booths, to the bar where Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi sat in the film.

That's not all, as the Cantina include statues of memorable characters from the film including Greedo and of course, The Cantina Band.

Lots of famous faces, including Greedo actor himself Paul Blaker, have since made a visit to the venue during one of Monopoly Event's many conventions – with the actors signing a 'wall of fame' door in the Cantina.

Andy said: "It's nicknamed the world famous Cantina bar, and on the door behind the counter, we've got loads of really famous people who signed it.

"The Undertaker, Dustin out of Stranger Things, William Shatner, David Hasselhoff."

The venue even features a recreation of the famous scene where Han Solo confronts Greedo, with two statues of the characters sat in the booth next to a message from one of the film's stars.

"Greedo who got shot by Han Solo [in the film], he [actor Paul Blaker] signed the booth."

Along with celebrity visitors including Lord Of The Rings and The Boys actor Karl Urban, Halloween star Tyler Mane and Ghostbusters singer Ray Parker Jnr, it is no surprise that the Cantina has become world famous.

The Cantina is open for private hires and also during Monopoly Event's many conventions, where visitors can relax in the Cantina and have their photos taken with the statues in the booths.

Opportunities to visit the Cantina include the upcoming Comic Con Manchester event from July 30-31, which will feature a reunion of the children from classic film Willy Wonka. There is also the highly anticipated For The Love Of Horror convention in October, and For The Love Of Sci-Fi in December – which often sees a lot of Star Wars fans visit the Cantina during the event in cosplay outfits.

Along with being open for private hires such as birthday parties and special occasions, Andy said: "The bar is open at our conventions, so the next one is Comic Con Manchester [in July].

"On December 3rd and 4th we've also got For The Love Of Sci-Fi, so basically if you wanted to just visit the Cantina you can."

Visitors can find out more about the Cantina Space Bar and how to visit the venue via their website.

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