Melle Mel Blasted Over The Worst Diss Track After Hitting Back at Eminem

Before publishing the diss track, the ‘White Lines’ rapper was called out by the ‘Mockingbird’ spitter through a single collaboration with Ez Mil that was released on August 4.

AceShowbizMelle Mel has found himself in hot water. After hitting back at Eminem with a diss track, the “White Lines” rapper received many negative responses over his rap with one social media user calling it “the worst.”

On Tuesday, August 8, 62-year-old Melle released a video via YouTube wherein he reacted to Eminem’s unpleasant comment on him. In the clip titled “Melle Mel’s Response to Eminem’s Latest Diss” itself, he could be heard rapping, “The Top 5 is cap/ You the piss that’s on the floor in the elevator of rap/ Why you ducking on The Game when you s**t on my name?/ Why they put Pee-Wee Herman in the hall of fame?”

The “Step Off” spitter continued, “I would give you a pound, but I’d break your hand/ I got a lawyer so white, he will take your land/ Yo, check your man, come and look at your friend/ Cause I think that Eminem is popping pills again!”

Instead of praises, Melle received backlash from a number of online critics. In the comments section of the video, one YouTube user bluntly pointed out, “Between YOU, [The Game] and [Nick Cannon], I think you might beat them in having the worst disstrack EM has ever gotten.”

The negative responses did not stop there. Another joined in, “I never thought it was possible to make a worse diss than Nick Cannon’s disses to Em. Today, I was proven wrong. Well done.” Similarly, a third pointed out, “Damn Mel. You were better off not responding at all. I hope this flies under the radar. I’m embarrassed for you.”

A fourth, in the meantime, suggested, “Cannot believe one of the originators of hip-hop released this and stated going against Eminem was going to be ‘the easiest thing he’d ever do’…. Delete this Melvin, you’ve embarrassed yourself massively here.”

The tension between Melle and Eminem started after the former publicly claimed that Eminem’s success in his career is influenced by the color of his skin. In an interview on “The Art of Dialogue” published in March, Melle said, “If Eminem was another n***a like all the rest of us, would he be Top 5 on that list when a n***a that could rhyme just as good as him is 35? That had records and all that? He’s 35. He’s white.”

Eminem later made use of Ez Mil‘s new track “Realest”, which features him on it, to respond to Melle’s statement. On the single that was released on Friday, August 4, Eminem raps, “Hip Hop has been good to me, huh/ But when they say that I’m only Top 5 cause Im white, why would I be stunned?/ My skin color’s still working against me/ Cause second, I should be, to none/ Being white being why they put me at five (Nope)/ That’s why they can’t put me at one.”

“Shoutout to Furious Five and Grandmaster Flash, but boy/ There’s someone who really is furious/ Stay out his path, his wrath avoid/ I’ll be the last to toy with a juice head whose brain is half destroyed, like a meteor hit it/ Now with Melle Mel, he lost his a** to ‘roids,” Eminem spits.

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