BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty was forced to defend her colleague Charlie Stayt after he was labelled as "rude" by a viewer on Twitter, who took offence to his description of Naga's story.

In a recent episode of BBC Breakfast, presenters Naga, 46 and Charlie, 58, discussed a news article about dreams.

Outspoken Naga began to divulge and provide details of a dream she had not too long ago where her tooth fell out.

The presenter said: "I had that dream the other day, it's not that odd a dream, where a tooth came out. And I'm sure there's a common reason for it, it's like an anxiety dream."

She added: "The tooth just came out and I was really traumatised by it."

In jest, Charlie pretended to be bored by her story, and replied: "Do you know, some people find it really, really tiresome when people tell them their dreams.

He added: "No, it's one of those things, if some people are really interested – 'I had a weird dream,' 'Did you, what's that?' But other people find it really, really tiresome."

Although it was very light hearted and jovial, one viewer didn't seem to see the funny side to it all and took to Twitter to hit out at Charlie over his reaction to Naga's dream story.

The dismayed Tweeter, sent a message to Naga directly and penned: "I think what Charlie just did was so rude, but you handled it well.

"It's a shame you can't be paired with someone who can share your energy."

But journalist Naga came to her co-host's defence as the pair frequently share on-air banter on the breakfast programme.

Naga replied: "Hi… It's all in jest! I love working with Charlie."

Charlie and Naga have presented the breakfast morning show together for quite some time and often have on-screen banter with each other.

Although it can sometimes seem that the presenters are making unnecessary digs at each other, the presenters have frequently confirmed that it is never as serious as it appears to audiences.

BBC Breakfast airs on weekdays at 6am on BBC.

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