Rolling Stones wildman Keith Richards helped pal Ronnie Wood get into rehab – and then called him a “lightweight”.

Fellow hellraiser Shaun Ryder said the rocker wanted to wind up his mate.

The Happy Mondays star said: “A few musicians will take the p*** a bit when other musicians go into rehab, but I think generally they’re supportive if they know someone has issues.

“Keith Richards was one of the ones persuading Ronnie Wood to go into rehab, but when Ronnie checked himself in there was a bunch of flowers waiting for him from Keith with a card that just said, ‘You lightweight, love Keith’.”

Shaun, 59, also detailed his own drugs and booze battles in his book How To Be A Rock Star.

And he said he was no stranger to trips to addiction clinics to get help to fight his demons and dry out.

He went on: “I’ve been in rehab a few times. When they tried to make me go to rehab, I didn’t put up much of a fight.

“When Factory Records first suggested it to me, part of me thought, ‘Here we go, another rock and roll cliché’. I didn’t put up much resistance and I agreed to it, but the first couple of times I went in it was a bit pointless because I wasn’t ready.

“You have to be ready to do it, and motivated, or there’s not much point. I think half the time when musicians end up in rehab, it’s obviously due to drugs and alcohol, but it’s also a combination of the pressure and lifestyle that have driven them to rely on the drink or drugs.

“Plus the fact that everywhere you go as a successful musician, people are offering you free drink and drugs. No-one bats an eyelid at someone doing something to excess in the music industry.”

Shaun added: “I’m not just talking about musicians, I’m talking about the whole music industry, from A&Rs to radio pluggers.

“Someone will disappear for a few weeks, to ‘take a bit of time out’… quite often that means they’ve been in rehab.”

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