Police in Germany are in a sticky situation after they were called in to track down 60 massive containers of bull sperm.

The odd theft happened in the small farm town of Olfen, around 56 miles away from Cologne earlier this week.

Police said in a statement on Wednesday (December 7) that while it’s unclear how the rustle happened, the precious cargo needs to be super cooled with liquid nitrogen at –196c (–320 Fahrenheit) so it isn’t spoiled.

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They are seeking tips from the public that might lead to the recovery of the sperm, which was intended for artificial insemination.

It is unclear why the sperm was taken, as it only has a few specific purposes – including to make anti-ageing cosmetics.

It is thought that when you mist it with leaves from the katera plant, it can be used to make skin softer, although why you'd want bull sperm on your face is anyone's guess.

The cases have yet to be found, but locals have said that they are worried about what state it will be in when or if it is found, as it can go “bad” within a few days if not stored in a cryogenic-like atmosphere.

When it comes to farming, the sperm of one breeding bull can be used to inseminate thousands of cows around the world.

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According to a study featured in the National Library of Medicine's National Centre for Biotechnology Information: “Cryopreservation of semen and artificial insemination have an important, positive impact on cattle production, and product quality.

“Although cryopreservation of bull sperm has advanced beyond that of other species, there are still major gaps in the knowledge and technology bases.

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“Post-thaw viability of sperm is still low and differs significantly among the breeding bulls.

“These weaknesses are important because they are preventing advances both in fundamental science of mammalian gametes and reproductive biotechnology.”

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