A man has recalled how a camping trip in the US turned into a horrifying encounter with a "family of Bigfoots" who attacked his friend and killed his dog.

There is no clear evidence that Bigfoot creatures, also known as sasquatches, exist. However, there are many reported sightings, often by explorers in the remote, mountainous regions of the US.

Sharing his story on the Sasquatch Chronicles podcast, John explained how he and his friends had just settled into their tents in a national park in South Florida when they started to hear a low hissing sound that escalated into manic whooping noises.

Inspecting outside, John remembered that he couldn’t believe his eyes, saying: “There was a family group, probably about four or five of them.

“They started throwing rocks into the campsite. One of the rocks went into my friend David’s tent and knocked him in the head pretty good, and it knocked him out.

“While we were taking care of him, the noises just kept getting louder and louder,

“One of the dogs we had with us was a Rottweiler, he took off running into the woods towards one of the smaller ones that were out there.

“One of the larger ones stepped up and grabbed the dog and threw it like it was nothing, and it probably weighed about 100lb.

“It was at that point that we decided ‘okay we need to pack this up and get out of here as quickly as we can.”

When they returned to the scene later, the group realised the dog was dead.

"He had been picked up by the throat, so the trachea and the bones and muscle in the neck had all been crushed, like he had got hit by a car", John remembered.

Reflecting on the incident, John was able to describe the creatures’ terrifying physical features in further detail. He explained they had “darkish-blue” colour skin, and “dreadlock- style matted hair” over their bodies.

But, he suggested, it was their muscular physique that was most shocking, saying: “These things were muscled like Arnold Schwarzenegger times by ten.

“There was one that you could tell was definitely a male… and there was one that was definitely a female, she was smaller than he was but not by much. She was 7 and a half, 8 feet tall, whereas the male was probably closer to the 11 foot range.

“Then there were three more smaller ones and they were probably between 6 and a half feet tall.

“The male looked like he had football-sized biceps."

The group of campers eventually scarpered, and John remembered how, returning to their campsite the next day, they were shocked by the damage that had been caused.

“The camp had pretty much been completely smashed. We had tents, we had tables and chairs”, he remembered.

“We had old-fashioned metal chairs that were pretty sturdy, it takes a lot to break something like that, but we counted at least three of them that had been bent over and bended completely open like it was a piece of paper.

“It was pretty messed up when we got back out there the next day.”

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