Abandoned hotel ‘haunted by dead guests’ who ‘poke and bite’ visitors to reopen

The owner of a hotel "haunted by dead guests who bite visitors" has said of her paranormal friends: "It’s their world, I’m just living in it."

The Baker Hotel and Spa just outside Mineral Wells, Texas, USA, opened in 1929 and went through many iterations before closing its doors in 1972 and now there are plans to restore the building.

But it is most well-known for supernatural stories. During its time lying empty, paranormal investigators have reported chilling experiences.

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The likes of Bonnie and Clyde, the Three Stooges and Judy Garland were said to be attracted to the hotel due to its mineral-rich water. Some have even believed there is a "magical health secret" lying underground.

The 14-floor hotel once consisted of 450 rooms, a lavish pool and a spa filled with famous water which drew people to the area in droves.

Today, enthusiasts still visit the location as it's said to be occupied by "spirits".

People have reported being "poked, scratched and bitten" there. Ghostly smells associated with spirits also linger in the air.

Owner Kathy Estes told the Texas Bucket List many visitors had struggled to avoid ghouls.

Ms Estes said: “Some spirits will do things that are harmful because they’re seeking attention."

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She later went on: "They need help. And you’re not paying attention to them and that’s the only way they can get our attention is by throwing things and scratching and biting.

"And then that’s what makes you say, ‘Hey, what’s going on?’ And you stop in your tracks and you try to communicate. ‘What can I do to help you?’.

"Then there are some that are just angry that they’ve suffered a traumatic life. They’re trapped. They’re angry. They’re in misery.

"They don’t want to be there or they don’t want you in their home. They don’t like you. They don’t want you in their space. They want you to get out."

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