Governments have been covering up suspected UFO visits to Earth for decades, according to one of the world’s top scientists.

Nobel Prize nominee Professor Garry Nolan said he “knows” there has been an “active cover-up” by authorities.

But the immunologist at Stanford University School of Medicine believes the US government’s extraterrestrial secrets are about to be blown wide open at new public hearings.

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Prof Nolan said: “I’ve spoken to the people who are about to come out and whistle-blow on it.

“There’s been an active cover-up.’’

He added that a “light has finally been shone” on the perpetrators. Proposed new laws currently before US Congress will pave the way for open hearings into UFO sightings where witnesses will get their chance to give evidence under oath.

The government body has even demanded lists of all non-disclosure agreements – that aim to gag people from talking – linked with secret UFO programs.

Prof Nolan: “Why is that interesting? It’s not the NDAs themselves.

“It’s the people who signed the NDAs because that then is the paper trail to the individuals and the programs in which they’re associated.’’


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