A former adult star who shockingly broke her back while playing in a foam pit has shown off her latest toy, claiming to her millions of followers that she is now “a Jedi”.

Porn star-turned-streamer Adriana Chechik shared a clip from one of her streams to Instagram showing off her new lightsabre.

She is seen swinging a blueish-white lightsabre, from the Star Wars franchise, around her room while speaking to her streaming audience.

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“Tell me this isn't the f****** s***. All I want to do is play with it, swing it around,” she can be heard saying.

“It’s so dope, it’s like a legit one isn't it?” You gotta learn how to do lightsabre tricks. I think I need more room,” she added.

The former porn star, 31, retired from the adult entertainment industry by 2022

That year, she made headlines after she was forced to get metal rods inserted into her back following a horrific back injury at a streaming convention in San Diego, California.

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Chechik was hospitalised after she broke her back at an interactive foam fight pit, which was not properly built and had already caused several injuries to convention-goers on the day.

Less than a month later, she revealed that she was forced to abort a pregnancy following her injuries, which she only found out about when she was taken to the hospital.

Despite the series of negative events in her life, Chechik revealed that online trolls had been “swatting” her as she recovered from her surgeries.

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“Swatting” is when online trolls send local law enforcement false tips that they are obliged to act on, often being so severe that they send in SWAT teams who can be seen causing severe damage to a person’s property.

Swats are often coordinated so that online personalities who are live-streaming at the time- get hit, maximising the amount of attention the incident gets.

Chechik said she was swatted so often that her local police became familiar with who she was and what she did for a living.


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