AI chatbot with ‘creepy’ bio suspected of catfishing wannabe lovers on Tinder

Singleton sleuths think they found an AI chatbot “catfishing” on Tinder.

They raised the alarm after spotting a hunk’s “airbrushed” body and “creepy” bio.

Other users pointed out how his fingers “blend into” his phone – a giveaway the photo may be faked by a computer.

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The supposedly 24-year-old online dater claims in his bio that he is looking to “ignite sparks of laughter, wanderlust and genuine connections”.

But one Tinder fan said: “My man looks like he came straight out of a video game intro screen, where you choose an outfit for your character to wear.”

According to the New York Times, the full bio of the account said: ““Adventurous soul seeking a partner-in-crime for thrilling escapades and unforgettable memories.

“Love hunting, fishing and playing games with my nephew when I can always be up for exploring new places and trying new experiences.

“Let’s ignite sparks of laughter, wanderlust and genuine connections.

“Swipe right if you’re ready to embark on a wild and captivating journey together!”

It sparked debate online, when the Tinder fan posted about it.

One person commented: “This is not an AI filter, it’s entirely AI-generated, so not this person at all.

“Six fingers on the right — thumb behind the phone — this weird bright spot between his fingers on the left hand, then this weird door handle on the wall

  • Twisted farmer's campaign of terror scrawling c*** and stuffing apples in exhaust pipe

“The background is generally wrong perspective-wise.

“Also, his body is so weirdly blended into the background it looks wrong.”

Tinder has spoken out about the issue, and has given some advice on how love-seekers can avoid the issue.

A Tinder spokesman said: “We encourage our members to look for the ‘blue tick’, which indicates that the member’s profile image is genuine and has been verified by Tinder.”

Have you ever come across a fake Tinder profile? Email [email protected] to talk about it.

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