AI shows what most beautiful person possible from 14 countries looks like

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    A remarkable AI model has given what it believes is the definitive standard of beauty for men and women in various countries around the world.

    Research from health and beauty firmNordChemused an AI tool called MidJourney to render beautiful faces, giving an insight into how data pulled from across the web comes together to create beauty standards.

    The AI took user-generated image ALT as well as hashtags from a number of sources such as Instagram, Facebook, and media outlets to draw images that match the description it has been given.

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    Asked then to draw the most beautiful people from different countries, the programme offered up images for men and women from 14 different countries around the world.

    On the list were the UK, Spain, the USA, Australia, China, Colombia, Egypt, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa and Syria.

    It also offered a composite for the whole world, where it pulled together data to create what could potentially be the most beautiful two human faces in the world.

    In a statement to the Daily Star, Samantha Haines, Marketing Manager at NordChem Health & Beauty said: "The goal of this project was to better understand the standards of beauty and how such views vary around the world.

    "While to us, beauty means so much more than how someone looks, the style of their hair, or even the size of their muscles, this AI is an incredible tool that gives us an insight into commonly held perceptions of beauty and perfection in a variety of countries around the world. We hope people are interested to see the images"

    To view the full list go to NordChem.

    The news comes as AI chat bots continue to play an increasingly preventative role in the world of education.

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    Pieter Snepvangers used ChatGPT to write an essay for his university degree.

    The work took it just 20 minutes to complete and Pieter’s Russel Group uni professor gave him a pass.

    The bot bagged out the 2,000-word social policy essay in express time, earning a 53 out of 100 – in other words, that’s a 2:2.

    The professor said that the essay was “fishy” but “closer to the work of a waffling, lazy student than an AI.”

    They added: "You definitely can't cheat your way to a first-class degree, but you can cheat your way to a 2:2," he said.

    Collages in the US have already banned similar software from classes.

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