An infamous pair of troublesome celebrity beer-loving emus have returned to a pub they were barred from – and they haven't come alone.

Emus Kevin and Carol sparked a media frenzy last year when they were barred from the pub at the Yaraka Hotel in Queensland, Australia.

They were banned because, despite being frequent visitors, they trashed the place and left several mounds of emu poo around the place.

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The pair were even spotted stealing customer's food and car keys.

And when banned, they actually disappeared from the small town of Yaraka, which only has around 20 people living in it altogether.

But now they have returned, and they've brought reinforcements.

The pair were recently spotted near the hotel pub by resident Leanna Byrne, and one of them was accompanied by four baby chicks.

She said: “I have done some investigating, and I do know that they are still local. They're not my pets.

“They just tended to stay, and everyone looked after them type thing. They're still wild animals.”

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The emu family haven't yet returned to the bar, and the lifetime ban is still in place.

However, Leanna Byrne is now being labelled as the “Yaraka Mother of Dragons” for her role in introducing the pair to the town in the first place.

She found them as part of nine eggs given to her by two men who found an emu nest in the local area.

All nine hatched, but only Kevin and Carol made it to adulthood.

She said: “They love cuddles.

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“I had to start buying them cartons of beers and getting takeaways for them.

“They used to try and get up the stairs and stuff, but they did put a chain across there to stop them.

“It doesn't stop all the people from coming to see them though. They're not my pets.

“They just tended to stay, and everyone looked after them type thing – they're still wild animals."

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