Aliens won’t contact Earth because there’s no sign of intelligence, experts say

Aliens have yet to contact planet Earth because they think there are no signs of intelligent life across the planet, experts have claimed.

The bizarre and insulting claim from species beyond the stars appears to slate the planet as a place of barren intelligence, with experts saying alien beings are not going to be in touch anytime soon.

Recent studies have put forward the new explanation as to why aliens are yet to visit the planet, and it is simply because we as a species are too dumb to understand them.

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Experts say that we have been sending out signals to life beyond our planet for such a short period that aliens have not bothered to reply.

Said radio waves are shooting out into the stars, reaching 15,000 stars out of 400 billion so far.

It is safe to say with numbers like that, only a small part of the universe has been covered, and now study author Amri Wandel has claimed it takes time for aliens to return their message.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem astrophysicist said: "The contact probability is defined as the chance to find a nearby civilisation located close enough so that it could have detected the earliest radio emissions (the radiosphere) and sent a probe that would reach the Solar System at present.

"It is found that the current contact probability for Earth is very low unless civilisations are extremely abundant. Since the radiosphere expands with time, so does the contact probability.

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"The Contact Era is defined as the time (since the onset of radio transmissions) at which the contact probability becomes of order unity. At that time alien probes (or messages) become more likely."

It would appear then that aliens are not going to be in touch anytime soon, although Wandel has more than a handful of reasons for why that may be, DailyMail reported.

Speaking on his recent study publication, Wandel added: "Unless civilisations are highly abundant, the Contact Era is shown to be of the order of a few hundred to a few thousand years and may be applied not only to physical probes but also to transmissions (i.e. SETI).

"Consequently, it is shown that civilisations are unlikely to be able to inter-communicate unless their communicative lifetime is at least a few thousand years."

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