An Evri parcel left on a doorstep facing a busy road in what was described as an 'invitation to thieves' was put in a safe place by a passing do-gooder who left a heart-warming note.

Nick Jimenezshaw had requested delivery after 5pm, but even still the package was left at 11.42am on December 20 and was in a prime location for an opportunist thief to scoop up, North Wales Live reported.

The 41-year-old vented his frustration on Facebook but also took the opportunity to thank a passer by who put the parcel in a safer spot, beside he and his wife's bin at their home in Connah's Quay, Deeside, Wales.

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He wrote: "What upset me is that I told Evri that if no one's in, the delivery should be left in a safe place. I also told them they could leave it with a neighbour.

"But they didn't, they just dropped it on the front doorstep knowing it will be harder to get a refund as it's classed as delivered. I always believe that if the door is not opened, it's not delivered: photos mean nothing…

"I can't believe Evri can do these things, leaving a package on a main high street for anyone to take. At this time of the year it's totally unfair. It could have been a family with small budget expecting presents for their children."

He revealed that the mystery do-gooder posted a note through the door which read: "I saw a package left for you in front of your door and didn't want someone to steal it so I put it behind your bin!"

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Furniture assembler, Nick, has lodged a formal complaint with Evri.

An Evri spokesperson told North Wales Live that Nick will be offered a "gesture of goodwill" in response to the complaint. They added: "Our local team will speak to the courier to remind him what constitutes a safe delivery place and ensure this doesn’t happen again."

Two days later, another delivery was left on Nick's doorstep rather than his designated safe place or with a neighbour.

Evri, previously know as Hermes, was rebranded in March 2022 after the service was slammed for a series of mishaps.

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