Angry message in a bottle tells ‘fat English tourists’ to p**s off

A crude letter that reportedly washed up in a bottle on beach at a popular holiday spot in Wales has left tourists dumbfounded after telling them to 'p*** off'.

The offensive message is said to have been discovered on Pwllheli beach in North Wales.

It dubbed tourists "fat b*****ds" and demanded English holidaymakers "p** off". The letter, found by a local walking their dog, also refers to the Welsh as "sheep sh*****s" – but seemingly throwing a positive spin on the usual insult.

And nobody was left out, as the outraged writer even addressed marine life – though in a less controversial tone, simply saying 'hello fishy'.

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Locals suspect that it was likely penned by a child or teenager, NorthWalesLive reports.

The letter has now been posted online, attracting plenty of attention from far beyond the beach where it was found.

The letter reads: "Hello stranger!

"If you're here on holiday then go home, that's right p**s off we don't want you here, annoying English people. Fat b*****ds. P**s off.

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"But if you're a fellow sheep sh***er then hello sexy.

"And if you're a fish then hello fishy."

Tourism to Wales has been on the rise, with 2019 seeing a near 7% increase in trips to Wales by other Brits.

Add in the pandemic to boot, which stopped many from going overseas, causing more and more people to choose to holiday on UK soil.

And with its rolling hills, stunning beaches, rocky mountains and welcoming towns, it's no surprise that English tourists are tempted to cross the border for a getaway.

But it seems not everyone in the western UK nation is happy about the booming tourist trade, as in Pwllheli – the same town where the damning note was first found – one tourist complained that the Welsh are 'very hostile to the English', sparking backlash from locals.

Posting in a UK camping group, the tourist wrote: "Has anyone here been to Pwllheli? We are currently on day two of seven in Pwllheli and the campsite is fine the owners are nice.

"But it's the local people in shops and restaurants. They are very hostile towards the English. I've been travelling Wales for 20 years and never come across it before."

The outraged tourist continued: "I'm at the point where I'm not sure if we should try and get in another site somewhere else. We are booked in Bala from next Friday so going home isn't an option."

But locals were having none of it, WalesOnline reported, with one replying on the post: "I’m convinced these people are just hostile and rude to the locals then claim this."

A third added: "Buy a pocket phrase book, lovely. Be polite, might get you somewhere. How very big of her to not mind that we speak Welsh in her presence in Wales."


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