An artist has sculpted a terrifying sculpture of a 'human walrus' in tribute to the disturbing Kevin Smith film Tusk.

Hoarcee Bü, who is originally from the island of Muhu, Estonia, carefully crafted a series of Mr Tusk replicas after the 2014 film was brought to new audiences on streaming services and clips being shared online.

Tusk tells the story of podcaster Wallace Bryton, played by Justin Long, who meets up with a strange man who has a crazed love for the walrus.

The deranged man is Howard Howe, played by Michael Park, who mentally and physically tries turning Wallace into a walrus.

Hoarcee told the Daily Star: "I think it’s just so crazy what goes down in this movie.

"I mean once when you’ve seen it, you’ll never forget about it. It's a complete nightmare. You just can’t forget the human fleshed bloody Walrus."

Hoarcee was first drawn to the film after she struggled to find something to watch with her husband on one particular evening and decided to give the strange horror film a watch.

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Captivated by the weirdness of the film, the 36-year-old had to watch it again.

Having already completed 18 sculptures already, Hoarcee gave herself the task of making a version of Mr Tusk for herself.

She said: "First time around, I thought it was so weird, like what did we just watch?! I watched it again the next day and I knew that I had to make my own little Mr Tusk.

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"When I was sculpting it, I wasn’t sure that anyone would ever want to buy one, man was I wrong. There is a lot of love out there for Mr Tusk.

"People’s reactions have been from left to right, mostly positive though. He’s such a creepy creature, even people who hated the movie want their own little Mr Tusk."

Hoarcee’s sculpture has been praised for its scary realism and they have been flying from her studio, almost as soon as she is done.

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She said: "I sold out my first edition of 10 under a minute. I get asked weekly, when will I make more.

"It’s a very slow process to complete a Mr Tusk, but I’ll keep making them, so everyone who wants one, will get one. I love that so many people love Mr Tusk."

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