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    An animation artist posted a scary video to show what a megalodon attack would look like if the biggest shark in the world had not gone extinct 2.6 million years ago.

    The megalodon, also known as 'The Meg', is the largest shark and fish to have existed and is a close relative of great white sharks.

    Scientists estimated the powerful prehistoric predator could have been up to 82ft-long based on teeth found by fossil hunters.

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    One woman recently discovered a huge tooth on a South Carolina beach in the US. It was confirmed as real by a palaeontologist who described it as a "once-in-a-lifetime" discovery.

    In the video created by talented artist Aleksey, the "cameraman" was on a helicopter as he headed to a ship on fire.

    As the helicopter got close to the location, a large shark fin breached the water surface, rocking a second ship nearby.

    All of a sudden it went quiet and the megalodon leapt out of water, breaking the ship in half.

    The helicopter was hit by a shell piece and spiralled out of control into the sea.

    YouTube viewers enjoyed the short animation and many said they thought it was real at first glance.

    "This looks real, the edits are too realistic," one wrote.

    Another commented: "Not gonna lie, for the first five seconds I thought this was real."

    Others were impressed by Aleksey's editing skills, with one suggesting: "You should be appointed in the Marvel series."

    "Wow Hollywood needs you! I'm not even joking! Your vision and atmosphere you present in your scenes is something extraordinary," a second praised.

    "Straight up if you made a movie, I would probably watch it," a third added.


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