Astrid Wett invites KSI to New Year’s Eve party after awkward kiss snub

OnlyFans creator Astrid Wett has taken to social media to ask KSI to attend her New Year's Eve bash.

However, after the pair's last encounter, the fans aren't overly convinced that he'll turn up.

In October, the adult entertainer competed in her first boxing match against arch-nemesis, Keeley Colbran. And while the bout in all reality was nothing more than 'white-collar', due to the pair's immense following, they had the opportunity to compete at the Utilita Arena in Sheffield.

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And surprisingly, Astrid dazzled spectators with an impressive first-round stoppage. But she made significantly bigger headlines with her antics at the weigh-in.

After hitting the scales, the porn star engaged in a heated face-to-face with her opponent, who taunted her about having a boyfriend.

However, rather than merely denying the allegation, Astrid went all out to prove the rumour false. She grabbed KSI's neck and lunged at him for a kiss. Alas, she failed. The YouTuber utilised his boxing training to dodge the effort in what made for a brutal pie.

But despite her embarrassment, the 21-year-old took it well.

She told the Daily Star: "That was a straight up pie in the face but I can see why he dodged it, with his massive social media influence he’s got to be careful about what he does and says online, so maybe he didn’t think snogging an OnlyFans model on telly is the best idea.

The TikToker continued: "It was a funny moment and I spoke to him after to apologise if I’d made him feel uncomfortable but he told me it’s all good. He’s a lovely guy and I hope he saw it as a good way to promote his event as it kind of went a little viral."

And following her victory, the adult entertainer opted to for another bite of the cherry. In a viral TikTok video, she let the content creator know that she'd love to have him at her party.

Wett said: "This is a message for KSI and KSI only. So, JJ, hi, I just wanted to let you know that you're invited to my New Years Eve party on December 31 at 8 PM. Now, all of the food and drink will be supplied by me and I even have a spare bedroom if you want to stay over. But I told everybody that you're coming, so I'll see you tomorrow, ok?"

However, despite her efforts, the fans don't expect KSI to take her up on the offer.

One said: "You would think she would’ve learned after him literally swerving her at the Misfits boxing event."

While another added: "He ain’t showing up."

However, while KSI might not make an appearance, several TikTok users offered to come down on his behalf.

An optimistic follower said: "I want to take KSI’s place."

And an evidently perspicacious individual suggested: "What if I legally change my name to KSI?"

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