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    OnlyFans model Astrid Wett is out in Qatar following the England team at the World Cup – and has met up with Chesney Hawkes.

    The One and Only singer is performing at the World Cup and belted his big hit out at half-time as England beat Wales 3-0 in their final group game.

    Porn star Astrid recently flew to Doha to watch the Three Lions breeze past Senegal 3-0 last Sunday (December 4), and was also spotted in the stands as Portugal thumped Switzerland 6-1.

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    Yesterday (Thursday, December 8) Astrid shared an image on her Instagram Story alongside Hawkes as the pair posed in front of a bar.

    She appeared in a tight-fitting zebra-print dress holding a drink in one hand, whereas the singer donned a salmon-pink shirt and grey trousers.

    "The one and only," was Astrid's caption.

    Earlier in the day Astrid shared another image, this time posing in a sleek blue number.

    She had her elbow resting on a statue of World Cup-winning Argentine Diego Maradona and captioned the snap: "MARADONA APPROVES."

    After she arrived in Qatar, Twitter trolls sent Astrid a flurry of vile messages warning that she could face serious consequences if she isn't careful.

    Several warned of a possible "execution" by sending a gif entitled VAR EXECUTION with others posting a variety of other more mean spirited things.

    She's since joked on Twitter "no boob photo out here lads", given that the TikTok star gained notoriety after posing for topless photos outside football stadiums in the UK while following her beloved Chelsea.

    Qatar has relaxed some of its strict laws for the duration of the World Cup, and Astrid told the Daily Star she's aware of what she can't do and is being careful.

    She told us: "I’ve thought about this a lot as it is kind of scary as a sex worker to visit a place like Qatar.

    "But of course I won’t be filming any of that kind of content out there out of respect, so any 18+ stuff I want to post during the time that I’m there will all be taken beforehand.

    "I’ll be completely respectful of their religion and abiding by their rules so it shouldn’t be a problem."

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