Baby goes viral after ruining own baptism by whacking Bible out of priest’s hand

A baby boy has gone viral for interrupting his own baptism by dropping the priest's book into the holy water.

Mum Candace Williams was left completely red-faced as she saw the accident unfold while holding her 11-month-old son, Sullivan.

The religious event was off to a good start at Our Lady of Pompeii Church in Lancaster, New York, when family and friends gathered around the church’s priest.

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The now-viral video shows Sullivan wearing a baptism gown and looking up at the priest.

As the father reads from the scripture from the bible, little Sullivan cannot contain himself anymore.

He whips his hands and tosses the priest's bible straight to the basin.

Mum Candace and other guests are caught off-guard.

The priest, however, doesn't look too happy as he stares at the bible in the water.

The video has reached 4.5 million views on TikTok since it was posted on July 31.

Candace, 35, told US media that it was quite a comical scene of the day.

She also thanked the priest for continuing the baptism, adding: "He was a champ. He picked the book right back up and kept going.

"He was turning the pages and they were soaking wet. '

"Later, my husband was like, 'Every time I looked at the pages dripping, I started laughing'."

Candace's family loved the moment as she said her brother was "roaring with laughter" and her mother-in-low was also struggling to keep it together.

Viewers were thrown into fits of laughter as well.

One person had a go guessing what Sullivan was thinking during baptism, saying: "'I don't see pictures, next book.'"

"The baby was like 'I have had enough'," another wrote.

And a third commented: "Now that's an EXTRA Holy Bible."

Others said the viral moment will be a "lifelong tale" for Sullivan and his family.

Candace shared when they had to baptise him, they had to put his head over the front.

"He was looking at everyone and smiling. He knows when he’s being funny," she added.

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