Baffled mum forced to ‘double take’ when she spotted a seal in potato peelings

A baffled mum had to do a double take after coming across a strange sea creature sight while peeling potatoes for lunch.

Corinne Dolman, 40, was happily peeling spuds for her family's dinner on Easter Sunday when she spotted the uncanny resemblance between a peeling and a seal pup – yes, this is genuine.

The home bakery business owner, from Nuneaton, Warwickshire, said: "It was Easter Sunday I was up early prepping for Easter lunch before the kids got up – as I was still half asleep I did do a double take as I noticed it on the pile.

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“I actually took the photo to show my husband as it made me laugh how much it looked like a seal and I do like a bit of nonsense.

“The potatoes were from Tesco in Bedworth and were destined to be roasties.

“It would have been more apt for Jesus to appear in my Easter spuds.”

She took to social media to share the photo on Facebook, and amassed a whopping 97,000 reactions and more than 2,000 comments from equally baffled users.

One person commented: "I was scrolling and it stopped me in my tracks. I had to zoom in… wow!"

Another suggested Corrine "preserve" the peeling as it was "so cute".

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No word has been given on what she plans to do with the unique piece of history, but one can only presume it'll end up in a museum one day.

News of the finding comes a few months after a woman found Donald Trump in her toast.

No, we don't mean physically sitting on her toast, just the face of Donald Trump bubbling up in front of her in the cheese she put on there.

And Nikki Finlay, 46, says it was “spooky” to see the Make America Great Again president on her cheese on toast in November, 2022.

She said: “We'd had fish and chips at the beach earlier that afternoon so I didn't want much for dinner.

“I thought a cheese toastie would be perfect and after I made it, I spotted Donald looking up at me – it was quite spooky!”

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