A bald bloke has died after a hair transplant procedure went horribly wrong.

Television executive Athar Rasheed had decided to take up a special offer on the surgery last year.

The 30-year-old had done so in order to “boost his confidence”, but the procedure went wrong and he would spend the next few months dying slowly from sepsis.

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His family spoke out this week and told how the surgery in Delhi resulted in his kidneys shutting down, which then led to multiple organ failure.

His 62-year-old mother Asiya Begum explained that the man's head began to swell due to an infection caused by the surgery, and that he “died slowly in agony”.

Speaking to local media, she said: “My son died a very painful death – his kidneys stopped functioning and then all his other organs collapsed.

“I lost my son but I don’t want any other mother to lose their child because of the fraudulent practices of a few people.”

During a press conference this week, Ms Begum showed media images of her late-son's bloated face which was cover in a black rash that spread all over his body.

The exact price the man paid for the surgery has not been divulged, but some local media outlets speculated that it was around £100 to £150, compared to the near-£5,000 it would normally cost.

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A complaint over the clinic has been filed, and police arrested four people – including the two people who performed the surgery.

Dr Mayank Singh, a doctor from a clinic in New Delhi, who charges around £3,000 for the surgery, is the secretary of the Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons of India.

He slammed the “cowboy clinics” who give the industry a “bad name”.

Br Singh said: “People have this myth that this is a minor procedure, whereas the duration of the surgery is pretty long, running into some six to eight hours.

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“A lot of local anaesthesia has to be administered over time.

“If someone does not have the knowledge about what we need to do, then it can become an unsafe procedure.”

And a spokesman for India’s National Medical Commission said: “Watching in workshops or on YouTube or similar platforms is not adequate training to start aesthetic procedures including hair transplantation.

“Only properly trained doctors should perform such procedures.”

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