Baldness could soon be cured after boffins discover the ‘caveman gene’

Boffins reckon they can cure baldness following the discovery of a “caveman gene” which caused our ancestors to grow hair.

They found humans are largely hairless because although we have the genes for a full coat of hair, evolution has disabled them.

Scientists say the breakthrough could lead to ways to regrow hair in bald people, those undergoing chemotherapy or alopecia sufferers.

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Dr Nathan Clark, of the University of Utah Health, US, said: “Some genetic changes might be responsible for loss of hair.

“We have taken the creative approach of using biological diversity to learn about our own genetics.”

Genetic codes from 62 different animals were compared to find out why we were different from our ape cousins such as gorillas.

Dr Amanda Kowalczyk from the University of Pittsburgh said: “There are a good number of genes we don’t know much about.

“We think they could have roles in hair growth and maintenance.”

We previously reported that people who suffer from hair loss may be in with a chance of growing their hair back as a new drug is being praised for producing amazing results.

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Studies have shown that nearly half the people who used the drug managed to get their locks back within as little as six months.

It's also been reported that scientists have claimed the treatment marks “an important milestone” in creating a new drug to aid baldness.

The pill, which is to be taken twice each day, is aimed at targeting a condition called alopecia areata.

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