Barking ‘Deliverance’ inbred family man may have learned from dogs how to talk

A grunting and squealing member of the 'Deliverance' inbred family may have learned his barking from dogs.

Controversial podcast host Joe Rogan has become enthralled by the existence of the Whittakers in Odd, Virginia, US, who have been brought to the world by Soft White Underbelly filmmaker Mark Laita.

During Mark's appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, he revealed what it was like meeting the family for the first time and how he built a relationship with them over time.

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After watching an old clip of the Whittakers at their doorstep, Joe asked Mark whether it is possible that Ray who is unable to speak developed his communication from dogs instead of humans.

Watching a clip of the family, Joe commentated for listeners: "That sound is a man barking… and that's a man barking for people listening to this. So they live with a bunch of dogs and he's adopted their way of communicating?"

Mark replied: "I don't know about that but he does sound like a dog when he speaks."

Joe added: "So some of it's a dog, some of it's him."

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Despite his lack of clear speech, family members have previously told Mark that they can understand every sound.

Recalling his first encounter with the Whittakers, Mark told Joe: "It's the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life, I'm certain I'll never see anything crazier than this."

When in an impoverished area of West Virginia near Kentucky, Mark went looking for someone who could tip him off on what locals would make for interesting portraits and stories.

Understanding Mark's ambition entirely was a police who took him to "pure gold" and "best of the best' photography subjects in the county.

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"We're driving down this dirt road," Mark said. "We come around a bend, there's a shack to the left, a trailer on the right, a small trailer and there's about 10 or 12 people just walking around and we're going really slow.

"They're not used to cars coming by at all so going slow, we definitely caught their attention.

"Like everyone you look at, their eyeballs are going 'this way' and not a single tooth among them, not a single tooth on any of their heads and they look at us and we look at them and they start yapping and screaming and barking and some of them are just staring at us and drooling."

Frustratingly for Mark, it was a painstaking task asking Ray to stand still long enough for a snap beside his brothers as he kept running off with his jeans falling down.


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