Barking mad court lets pets decide who their owners will be in divorce battle

A court has let dogs decide who they want to live with in a bizarre first.

An Argentinian couple, Amorina Bascoy and Emmanuel Medina, battled out their divorce in court with one key argument being who will get ownership of their two dogs.

But in a barking-mad turn of events, the court apparently left it to the dogs – named Popeye and Kiara – to decide who they wanted to live with.

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Clarin newspaper reported that Popeye, six, expressed a preference to live with Amorina Bascoy, while Kiara, nine, preferred Emmanuel Medina.

However, due to confidentiality rules the method the dogs used to choose their favourite owners was not shared.

The divorcees expressed that the decision made was important to them as "their dogs were their babies".

Miss Bascoy said: "Each of them chose which one of us to live with.

We didn’t have children, so our dogs are our babies. It’s a pure and noble love."

Miss Bascoy added she did not mind if her former partner found another human love in his life, "unless the new girlfriend doesn’t like dogs".

She said that the four of them still meet up at least once a week, as she added: "We don’t have a problem seeing each other, in spite of getting divorced.

"We forget about each other because just spending time with them makes us smile."

Judge Diana Sica, who made the ruling, said: "Animals, especially domestic animals, are sensitive beings who feel, who miss, who rejoice, who suffer and who acquire habit."

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The case in Argentina has set a legal precedent – that the couple are a ‘multispecies family’ with both humans and animals having rights.

Meanwhile, in Britain pets are considered chattels to be divided rather than having any specific individual rights so a case like this would be unheard of in the UK.

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