Apocalyptic footage of eerie-looking clouds emerged on social media, leaving viewers to compare it to scenes from doomsday movies.

Andrew Farnam planned to bask under the sun at Fort Walton Beach in Florida on Monday (June 21) and was stunned when he saw the dark clouds hanging over the sea.

In the video he posted on Facebook, a thick layer of grey clouds resembling the rippling ocean waves is seen stretching miles along the white sand beach.

The rare formation creates a pattern that some say it's "mountains hanging in the sky".

As he pans the camera across the beachfront, other beach-goers are seen getting out of the water and packing up their bags.

His video has gone viral with more than 3.7 million views as viewers were spooked by the apocalyptic scene.

One joked: "Simulation loading error. It loaded mountains instead of clouds."

"The sky is really strange in recent years," another wrote.

"Beautiful but scary at the same time!"

"Looks like Wars of the Worlds…" a third commented and a fourth added: "This is unreal. I certainly wouldn't want to be there."

Some were convinced Andrew came dangerously close to being swallowed by a massive tornado.

"Am I the only one seeing the tornado on the left?" a worried viewer asked.

According to the Met Office, the cloud pattern is known as asperitas clouds, in which the wave-like structures form on the underside of the cloud to make it look like a rough sea surface when viewed from below.

It read: "Though the formation itself does not produce rainfall, asperitas have been linked to thunderstorms, occurring afterwards.

"Though the likely unstable atmospheric conditions required to form the wavy cloud base could also allow the growth of convective rain clouds, meaning that asperitas could be accompanied by other, precipitation-producing clouds."

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