Beauty queen who swapped glam life for trench gets married on Ukraine frontline

An ex-beauty queen who swapped her heels for a bulletproof vest to fight on the frontline in Ukraine has got married in the trenches to a fellow soldier.

Evgenia Prokopenko, Queen of Ukraine – Earth 2012, joined the war effort against Vladimir Putin's "special military operation" back in March, and said she had a bullet for the Russian President.

But despite missiles flying and the imminent threat of death, the 35-year-old tied the knot on the frontline last week.

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"My Paradise is in Hell! My love and my World!" she wrote on Instagram, sharing the news alongside a string of photos from her wedding, at which she wore a white veil with her army uniform.

Evgenia, who also runs her own law firm, told the Daily Star in September that she was joining the army as a medic.

"I speak Russian fluently, but I don't know Putin's language.

"I don’t know in what language it’s still possible to speak him, because he refuses to understand all the languages of all world's developed countries," Evgenia said.

And, adding a stark warning, she continued: "I have no words for him, because with Putin we need to act, not talk.

"I have only a bullet for him."

Evgenia, who is also handy with a rifle, said she has seen friends and comrades die, but still managed to cling to some semblance of her life as a beauty queen whilst in "hell".

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The Miss Earth 2012 finalist, from Kyiv, said: "No matter in what dugout trenches I am in, there is always a makeup bag with a mirror and perfumes in my military backpack!"

She and her fellow troops liberated the town of Izyum, and neighbouring villages, from Russia after the area had been occupied for six months.

She said: "These are two very different, opposite lives. In civilian life, I was engaged in completely different things.

"I had my own business, there my 'uniform' was a business dress with heels, on the war a rough military dress and berets.

"Here, at the front, I am a paramedic. I evacuate from red zones (fighting zones) wounded. We provide first aid."

Evgenia, who also saves animals from danger zones, added: "I would never have believed, If someone had told me six months ago that I would be in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, sleeping in dugout trenches or basements, rescuing the wounded under fire."

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