‘Big cat’ has man scrambling for safety after spotting ‘Beast’ prowl roadside

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    A bloke was left scrambling to put his car window up after spotting the terrifying "Beast of Blaenau" prowling around the roadside.

    Morgan Taylor, 22, was face to face with the creature, which he claims was "two metres" long and creeping around near the bushes in Rassau in Blaenau Gwent, south Wales.

    His encounter comes with intense debate over whether the animal was the same beast which had allegedly terrorised the area prior to Morgan's eerie footage.

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    Commenters on Facebook are now trying to figure out what animal Morgan saw, with the 22-year-old saying his video of the "massive" beast does not "do it justice".

    He said: "I was driving back home and I'd seen something in the bushes that looked a bit irregular. So I slowed down in my car – my windows were down at this point – and as it approached out of the bushes, I put my windows straight up.

    "At first, I thought it was a leopard. I can't lie. It was massive. I don't wanna say it was as big as a toddler – it was even bigger.

    "The video doesn't do it justice. It was about a meter and a half, maybe two meters at a push – it was a very, very big cat."

    His footage showed the big cat, which has spots similar to a jaguar or leopard, cruising around the side of the road in a sighting which left the bloke "terrified".

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    Since the divisive video was posted, Morgan has since had time to discuss the sighting with those nearest and dearest to him.

    Morgan said: "My wife says a Savannah cat but I'm determined it was a lynx. It looked like a leopard cub that was just growing up."

    For those doubting his experience was as terrifying as he says it was, Morgan said they could "come down to Rassau and come have a look yourself".

    He added: "I'm lucky because I was in my car because otherwise I'd have run for miles; I wouldn't have looked back either."

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