Kylie explains Padam Padam meaning as she achieves rare chart record

Music producer recalls writing Kylie Minogue hit in an hour

Back in January 1988 a perky soap star rather unexpectedly became a massive international pop star and just thrilled fans with her latest chart smash.

I Should Be So Lucky dominated the charts in January 1988 and her latest hit Padam Padam just proved why she remains the Princess of Pop at 55.

This weekend the infectious dancefloor groove slid into the UK’s Top 10 at number five.

It means that the Aussie star is now one of only four women who has had a UK top ten hit in each of the last five decades.

They include Cher and Diana Ross, but rather surprisingly, Madonna is not one of them. 

Apparently, the fourth female star is actually Lulu, who had one top ten hit in each decade from the 1960s to the 2010s, although two were duets – We’ve Got Tonight in 2022 with Ronan Keating and Relight My Fire with Take That in 1993.

Kylie herself, already smashed another record when she joined the rare ranks of female stars who have number one albums in five decades when 2020’s Disco hit the UK top spot.

Despite such enduring success, the pint-sized popstress says she is stunned by her latest hit.

Kylie said: “It has really taken us all by surprise. I can’t even, I can’t even, full stop! We loved it as a team, but the way that it’s taken off is way beyond me.”

As for the catchy tune’s meaning, fans lhave been ooking for mysterious meanings or words from other languages, while many have simply repurposed the phrase to mean anything they want.

Kylie told Zoe Ball on Radio 2: “People are hilarious. It’s become a noun, a verb, an adjective.” 

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Kylie added: “You know, friends leaving going: ‘Padam!’ Like they’ve turned into Minions or something. It’s taken on a life of its own and I am having the time of my life seeing what people are doing.”

However the meaning is actually pretty simple: “It’s onomatopoeic, d-dum, d-dum, like a heartbeat”.

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