Bikini-clad OnlyFans model breaks record Twitch bans after falling foul 7 times

A controversial Twitch streamer has been banned for a record seventh time – but the streaming platform seemingly refuses to make it permanent.

OnlyFans star TheDanDangler was given her latest ban yesterday after a seemingly innocent Halloween Party was streamed online to her 429,000 followers.

However, Twitch – the biggest online streaming platform in the world – was unhappy with something at the “biggest Halloween party on Twitch”, and banned the user.

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No actual reason for the latest ban has been given, but she was not happy about the situation.

She took to social media to update her fans, although it took a few days of radio silence before doing so.

She wrote: “To my community, I love you all. Thank you for all your support.

“I’m alive and okay. I hope to be back soon if Twitch takes my appeal.”

The ban was implemented on October 30, but she was reinstated just three days later, on November 2.

According to, despite being banned seven times, she has never been kicked off the platform for longer than three days at a time.

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In total, she has been booted for 12 days – her bans appear to come with various innocuous reasons given by the platform, such has “inappropriate attire”, but no reason has been given for the latest removal.

The user gave fans an update overnight, apologising for her earlier tweet, before adding: “Sorry for worrying everyone yesterday – I just have mental health issues.”

And just a few hours later, she said: “I come back to Twitch tomorrow (November 3) and I'm so excited to talk with my community.

“Hope your Halloween was amazing.”

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TheDanDangler is actually a Twitch affiliated partner, and teams up with another account called Esports Revolution – one of the biggest Esports networks on the site.

Although she is partnered with the Esports network, hardly any of her videos available to watch back are of online gaming – they are all of her partying or hanging out with friends.

Most people on social media didn't seem bothered with her latest removal.

One wrote: “If you get banned seven times and then you should just stay banned at that point.”

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And another tweeted: “Something told me she was gonna get banned tonight.

“The way she was acting and the others on the party bus.

“I only watched for like five mins and shut off her stream.”

A third posted: “Seventh?

“She got the world record for being the most banned streamer!”

TheDanDangler is also in the top 0.2% of people on adult site Only Fans, with more than one million followers throughout all of her social media accounts combined.

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