An Aussie prankster who risked losing an eye in a bizarre ‘science experiment’ has earned a furious response from Instagram users – who saw his antics as more irresponsible than funny.

Social media jokers Marty and Michael are known for their Jackass-style stunts, such as the Human Target game and a wobbly take on the infamous Crate challenge.

But their latest effort saw Michael buried up to his neck in sand on a beach and then surrounded by a huge pile of chips worth over £500.

But wherever there are chips, there are seagulls. And the bin-loving birds are particularly fond of the beach. So Michael's stunt did put him in severe danger of losing an eye to a misplaced beak.

But Michael's biggest problem wasn’t seagulls, but disgusted fans.

Many were outraged by the pig pile of chips the comedy characters left behind after filming. Barbara Hopkins said “You should have cleaned up your mess and not left it on the beach!”

Byron Dean agreed, posting “Clean ya mess up though, don’t be grubs.”

Maybe the seagulls would have gobbled up all the remaining chips, though, given time.

However several other people were offended by the sheer waste of food, pointing out that spreading a thousand Australian dollars (about £550) on chips and basically throwing them away has a huge insult to people that are going hungry.

One commenter remarked “Right… so they endanger a heap of wildlife and waste food and that's a good thing? Not sure of the funny side.”

Another, after the duo had been featured on several Auusie news show, said "Go spend 1k to feed the homeless on the coast that should be a good news story."

Someone else said the stunt was "just stupid and not funny at all,” adding “Why not donate that money to charity? Feed hungry humans not seagulls and bloody bin chickens.”

A more perceptive Instagram user simply said: “Pretty sure this is how corona started”.

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