Bloke plays Monopoly ‘get out of jail free’ card after being pulled over by cops

Police were left reeling after a bloke they had pulled over during a traffic stop attempted to pass off a Monopoly card.

The unnamed man's "get out of jail free" card did not appear to work at the time Chisago County Sheriff's Office flagged the unnamed driver down.

They did however take the card, which was given to attending officers at the scene along with the driver's license, but cops had bad news for the vehicle owner.

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Noting the Monopoly board card in a Facebook post, officers were delighted by the "effort and humour" on display, but not so keen on the attempt to pass it off as a valid document.

An official statement from Chisago Police read: "Last night a deputy did a traffic stop, and the driver handed him this card, along with his driver’s license. Unfortunately the state of Minnesota does not recognize this as a valid document.

"Points for the effort and humour though!"

The card, which showed Mr. Monopoly himself getting the boot from jail, read: "This card may be kept until needed, or sold. Get out of jail free."

But a chance card did not make for legal documentation during a chance encounter with police, with Facebook users overjoyed by the attempt.

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One user wrote: "I wonder how long they have been holding on to this card."

Another joked that the driver may have had more Monopoly pieces on him, wondering whether the driver "had a wallet full of Monopoly money to pay for their fines."

A third posted a photo of the infamous Monopoly car model and questioned whether it was in fact the Monopoly man himself who had been pulled over driving the infamous silver playing piece.

Officers did not declare whether a charge or warning had been given, nor did they reveal whether the driver had passed go to collect his $200.

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