Escalating as it always does, a Monopoly game that got out of hand has left one bloke opening fire on members of his own family.

John Ronald Dewayne Armstrong was taken into police custody after opening fire during a drunken round of the popular board game that "escalated quickly".

Responding officer Danny Bean said the game had turned from "family game night to furniture being turned over", which saw shots fired at the premises.

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Facing a felony charge for his actions, shooter Armstrong opened fire on his family at their Tulsa, United States, home after the game got out of hand.

Speaking of the incident, officer Bean said: "It escalated quickly from family game night to furniture being turned over and game pieces all over the floor.

"We don’t know if it was about game pieces, play money, real money, but something set him off. He said he was aiming for the ground when he shot at them.

"But we came close to having a homicide over a game of Monopoly."

Monopoly, a tense game even when firearms are not introduced to the board, appears to have got the better of the family – with Armstrong shown to have cuts on his face.

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Members of his family are said to have encouraged him to go outside to calm down, which is when Armstrong drew his weapon and began firing.

His shot thankfully did not hit anyone, but Armstrong is facing a charge of assault with a deadly weapon, FOX reported.

Officer Bean added: "He said he was aiming for the ground when he shot at them. But we came close to having a homicide over a game of Monopoly.

"There are no get out of jail free cards in life, and we put the cuffs on him and took him to jail. When he pulled the trigger that’s when family game night turned into a felony."

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