EMOJI'S are now a popular part of everyday socialising, with people using them on text, as well as social media and other platforms.

The nerd face emoji is one that has grown in popularity due to multiple uses online. But what does the nerd face emoji mean? How do you use the nerd face emoji and what other emoji's are there.

What does the nerd face emoji mean?

The nerd face emoji often refers to the fact that someone is smart, or that they know a lot about a certain topic.

This can relate to situations where someone is knowledgeable about a film series, or their favourite band.

This could also relate to a person feeling like they have achieved something through their knowledge, such as doing well on a test or in a quiz.

How to use the nerd face emoji

This emoji is meant to be used to highlight someone's own intelligence, or to celebrate someone else's.

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This can also be attributed to when a person learns a new skill, and shares the news of this with others.

What other emojis are there?

Thanks to the continuing growth of social media, emoji's have become more and more prominent.

This also means that there are a large number of emojis which can represent particular meanings, or how someone is feeling.

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One of the most popular emoji's is the face with tears of joy emoji. This often used to show when something funny has happened, or if the person has been amused by a comment or situation. This emoji was also the first pictograph to become Oxford word of the year in 2015.

There is the nauseous face, which is coloured green with the emoji trying to refrain from vomiting. This can be used for a variety of reasons, such as a person actually feeling unwell, or a situation which is seen as unpleasing to them.

The woozy face represents the fact that someone is drunk, or is on their way to being drunk. This is often used after a person has gone on a night out.

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