Bloke wakes up from near-death coma to discover he’s now an incredible artist

A man has baffled doctors after waking up from a coma that nearly killed him with a completely new set of artistic skills.

Moe Hunter, 38, spent more than a month in a coma due to a rare form of bacterial meningitis and tuberculosis in his brain.

His heart stopped temporarily and he had to undergo brain surgery, at Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital, to help save his life.

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The patient awoke from surgery with no memory – however he did gain a new set of impressive skills that he didn't have before.

Moe suddenly discovered he had a newfound creative flair and an inexplicable talent for drawing, painting and model building.

He claimed before the coma he had been "rubbish" at art.

Married dad-of-one Moe has since created a career out of his art work as he began building intricate life-size model replicas from the world of TV and film and selling them on for cash.

His home in Hereford is now adorned with paintings, illustrations and models – from a life-size R2-D2, Chappie and an AT-ST from Star Wars.

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Moe said: "I really wasn't creative before in the slightest, in fact people used to laugh at my drawings. I was more interested in going out, football and computer games.

"Even to this day some of my family can't believe it, they're still completely shocked.

"It's insane but when I spoke to the neurologist he just said 'enjoy it' and said there's so much about the brain they still can't decipher and this is just a phenomenon."

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"I look at all of my stuff now and I'm like 'never in a trillion years could I do this stuff'. I have no idea how it happened.

"My doctor said that I was a walking miracle to be able to recover as quickly as I did – but when I started displaying these new artistic talents they were just stumped.

"Nobody has really given a medical explanation for it. I just know comas can do crazy things to a human brain. They just kind of said there's many stories and theories over the years and people have woken from comas with skills and even speaking other languages.

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"I remember the first thing I drew afterwards was a Legend of Zelda sketch and my mum turned around to me and went 'when did you learn how to draw?' It was crazy, I haven't stopped since then.

"I just found I had this passion there which never existed in me before. I just feel incredibly lucky but also shocked as I really don't know where this came from."

Moe, who is originally from Birmingham, added: "They still can't tell me how the tuberculosis came around. They say people can't dream in comas but I know what I saw in my coma, it was dream like and really vivid.

"I woke up on October 13, 2004. I don't remember anything before 2004 – everything has been relayed to me by family and friends. After being given this second chance at life and a new talent, I wanted to make the most of it so I went self-employed as a carpenter making toyboxes."

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