Bloke watching cricket fought highly venomous snake into cupboard by dishwasher

A man encountered a tiger snake on his kitchen floor in which he was forced to call backup to get rid of the creature.

Peter Debono had been enjoying the Australia vs South Africa cricket Test match before the scary creature startled the Tasmanian man.

He said: "It took me a few seconds to click into gear, it was just bizarre, something you don't expect."

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"We were batting. We were just losing a couple of wickets," he added.

"I'd left the back door open so it would have just slid straight past me on the lounge into the kitchen."

In an attempt to get the snake out of his house, Mr Debono grabbed a broom but to no avail as it had crawled underneath his dishwasher.

That forced Debono to call for backup as North West Snake Catchers arrived on the scene to help him out of the scary situation.

"I just sat there, half an eye on the cricket and half an eye on the dishwasher," he said.

Snake catcher Kate Downing had located the metre long snake in the cupboard next to the dishwasher as she said: "Snakes will generally be around your house if they're sourcing food or water, or somewhere to get out of the heat."

Ms Downing said the warmer weather meant she was getting more calls about snakes turning up on people's property as she also gave out advice to those who find them in their homes.

"They can turn up anywhere — inside, outside, in sheds, wood piles, gardens," she said.

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"We also advise you to keep an eye on the snake because they are quite fast, [and] keep it within a safe distance and then ring a snake catcher.

"Do not try and catch it yourself."

She also said it was wise for children to be educated on snake safety by their parents and said keeping lawns short and homes neat and free of clutter was key in keeping homes snake-free.


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